Golden Betting Tips and Major Betting Events in 2017

Although betting is generally a game of chance, scientific and mathematical analysis proofs establish that adopting certain strategies can improve one’s likelihood of winning by more than half. In addition to this, these methods can cushion one from total loss hence minimising the bets lost. Do you want to hit the jackpot or cushion yourself from massive losses in betting? Below are 2 tips that shall aid you in your quest.

1. Sports Betting Guide
There are numerous betting guides which can help you bet wisely. To be a successful punter, consult these betting guided before placing any bet as they help you make informed decisions. Football betting guides are known to offer free betting advice regarding trends, players, and performance of football teams across the globe. The information they provide is usually carefully analysed by experts hence highly reliable in match prediction.

2. Stay Informed
In sports betting, many factors determine the outcome of a game. It is, therefore, necessary to stay abreast of the prevailing trends, changes, performance, etc. to ensure that you get an accurate reflection of the capabilities of each player or team. If a top scorer of a football team which previously has been performing well, for example, decides not to play in a match perhaps due to a sustained injury, the level of performance of that team may be compromised. A naïve person may bet a win for such a team, but if one is informed of such changes, they are likely to put into consideration such alterations.

Major Betting Events in 2017

Parlay betting provides you with the simplest and funniest opportunity to bet and win in the games below in 2017.

(a) The European Championship
The Euro Cup is the second prestigious football event after the world cup on the national level. Football fanatics can bet their favourite teams and share the experience of winning the matches with the players.

(b) The Champions League
All the 32 prestigious teams in Europe compete for the crown of the best team. The Champions League has over the years grew to become the most-watched football competition on a club level over the world. A lot of money is involved hence the task is daunting for the clubs. To predict matches in Champions League accurately, rely on trustful providers of stats, history, format, fixtures, etc.

(c) The Rugby Union and League
The annual six is a rugby event that is broadcast Live on BBC. The six nations participate in the event include Italy, England, Scotland France, Ireland and Wales.

(d) Horse Racing
Although horse racing is not much publicised as football, you can place and win bets easily. Some of the horse racing festivals that you can bet include the British Champions Day, Kempton Winter Festival, Cheltenham Festival, and others.

(e) Tennis
There are several Tennis events like the Australian open, The French open, and Wimbledon in which you can bet.

Generally, the secret to success in sports betting is finding yourself a sports betting partner who provides you with the predictions, stats, fixtures, formats and more to help you come with informed bets.