The U.S. Poker Open Is Coming!

Gear up for an exciting season of Poker coming this February 2018, with the highly anticipated U.S. Poker Open!

No-limit Hold’em poker is what we generally associate with players taking part in a high stakes poker tournament. However, PokerCentral aims to change that convention with the announcement of US Poker Open, scheduled to commence from the 1st of February on PokerGO. This 8-event series will include a $25, 000 Mixed Game Championship and a pot-limit Omaha event.

What’s In Store For You?

With Poker Masters having been revealed in September, this announcement comes as a result of continuous effort to provide players with an exciting tournament action hosted at ARIA. The US Poker Open is the newest tournament in the industry, to commence the calendar year for high stakes tournaments, as claimed by the President of Poker Central, Joe Kakaty. Subscribers of PokerGo can get access to some high-stakes poker games throughout the year, with a lineup of quarterly majors.

The longstanding tradition by ARIA to host nose-bleeding no-limit tournament has got a makeover by US Poker Open, with the addition of tournament action outside the no-limit poker. In addition to the three $25,000 hold’em events and a couple of $10,000 hold’em events, there will be a $25,000 Mixed Game Championship and $10,000 PLO as well. The standard 8-game mix will include 2-7 triple draw, PLO, Omaha hi-lo, stud hi-lo, stud, razz, no-limit hold’em and limit hold’em.

Featuring a single re-entry option, each tournament will run for a couple of days, expect the Mixed Game Championship lasting for 3 days. The $50,000 Main Event will kick off on the 9th of February, following these events. Except for the seven-handed final tables, each and every table throughout the series will be 6-handed, and you have to register timely for the events, if you are to compete rake-free.
The US Poker Open champion will be awarded a special trophy, based on who earns the highest bankroll over the course of the series.

Daniel Negreanu is the man who has stressed the importance of increasing mixed games in poker tournament, as this is the only way to see high stakes poker thriving in the long term, according to him. He has also partnered with Poker Central in the recent past and we can expect his appearance at the US Poker Open this time!

The action may completely dry up, if the domination of no-limit crushers continue with high stake players and high rollers. As per Daniel, the ideal solution would be the introduction of variants, in which those players are not that advanced, thus giving an interesting edge to mixed game players at the tournament, in favor of all that exciting action you get at the standard no-limit offering. At the end of the tournament, fans are expected to come out as a big winner.

This is going to be a game of poker at a different level that you may not be able to find anywhere else. If you are big fan of poker, looking to improve your game or master the same, this is truly the best competition to break through.