10 Types Of Bonuses You Can Take Advantage Of At An Online Casino

Online casinos have gained a lot of popularity over the years. They have been able to compete very efficiently and effectively with the traditional casinos because of the numerous bonuses they offer. These bonuses are the ones that entice players and make them come back again and again. Below is a list of the various types of bonuses you may encounter at an online casino:

1. Loyalty bonus
Most of online casinos offer VIP programs and loyalty clubs. These are bonuses that are meant to reward the players whenever they place a bet. You are signed up automatically then continue gaining points as you keep on playing. The rate at which you climb VIP levels depends on how much money you deposit with the online casino. You are offered loyalty bonuses when you reach a senior VIP level.

2. Percentage Deposit bonus
This is a bonus that the casino offers to pay you a certain percentage of the money that you deposit with them. For instance, if their percentage deposit is 50 percent, you are able to get an extra $50 if you deposit $100.

3. Matching Deposit Bonus
In this type of bonus, the casino matches the amount of money that you deposit to a certain amount. For instance, if they offer 100 percent matching bonus up to $200, it means you will get $400 to play when you make a deposit of $200.

4. Reload bonus
These bonuses target regular customers. They encourage them to keep on going back to the online casino and make more deposits. They are similar to welcome bonuses. They are of two types i.e. Percentage Deposit or Matching Deposit Bonuses.

5. Sign-Up
This is one of the most generous bonuses that you can ever come across in an online casino. It is aimed at enticing new members to sign up to the online casino. They can take three different forms i.e. Matching, No Deposit or Percentage Bonuses

6. No Deposit bonus
This the bonus that allows you to attempt an online casino game free of charge. You don’t have to make any deposit. You can still win money with this type of bonus.

7. High Roller Bonus
This is a bonus that is given to those that make extremely large deposits. These deposits range from over $500 or $1000 depending on the online casino.

8. Referral Bonus
Some online casinos offer bonuses when you refer a friend to sign up and play. You are able to get a free bonus every time you refer a friend.

9. Cash-Back Bonus
This bonus entail giving players a portion of their gambling money back. It is given to those that lose while gambling. For instance, if you are in a 20% cash back bonus and lose $500, the casino gives you $100. However, this doesn’t apply if your account has a positive balance.

10. Payment Method Bonus
Online casinos offer different payment methods. They offer bonuses when their members pay using certain payment methods such as Skrill, NETeller etc. This is meant to encourage a certain payment method.

All these bonuses are free cash opportunities for the smart gamblers, however all that glitters ain’t gold, thus be aware also of the danger bonus offers may hide.

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